The Glass Darkly

Friday, February 09, 2007

Fresh as the Morning . . .

Fresh as the morning, sure as the sunrise,
God always faithful, You do not change.

God of the Bible, God in the Gospel
hope seen in Jesus, hope yet to come
you are our center, daylight or darkness
freedom or prison you are our home.

God in our struggles, God in our hunger
suffering with us, taking our part
still you empower us, mothering Spirit
feeding sustaining from your own heart.

Those without status, those who are nothing,
you have made royal gifted with rights
chosen as partners, midwives of justice
birthing new systems lighting new lights.

Not by your finger, not by your anger
will our world order change in a day
but by your people, fearless and faithful
small paper lanterns lighting the way.

Hope we must carry, shining and certain
through all our turmoil, terror and loss,
bonding us gladly, one to the other,
till our world changes facing the Cross.

by Shirley Erena Murray


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