The Glass Darkly

Monday, October 02, 2006

Seasons of Change

A bunny emerged from his hole one day
And sensed a change in the air
The squirrels chattered in the trees above
But his meadow was quiet and bare.

He perched himself on the crest of his hill
Looking around at the sparkling dew
The flowers and leaves were starting to change
To more of a golden hue.

Even the groundhogs that usually stopped for a visit
Were running about and busy
The song birds were fewer and crickets were quiet
While the crows cackled all in a tizzy.

The change in the colors and crispness of air
Were signs of a pending gloom
Walnuts and acorns were being put into store
For winter would be here soon.

The warmth of summer was turning to cold
When friends stay indoors on their own.
Bunny sadly realized that the change of the season
Meant soon he'd be left all alone.


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