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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Special Connections

The really special part of being a teacher is the privilege of getting to know so many young people and seeing how their talents and aspirations shape what they end up doing in life.

I received the below email from one of my former students, Sothy, at the university in Phnom Penh. He was part of a "Writing for Research" course I piloted his last year in the ESL program. I always felt a bit bad for that class as the pilot semester was quite rigorous and I wondered if the students were able to fully grasp it all. But he did very well and went on to apply his research and writing skills to complete an incredible senior research project in psychology. He even wrote his thesis paper in English. Because of his abilities, Texas Tech offered him a scholarship to study here in the States. Now he is in their doctoral program. I feel honored when students take the time to connect in ways like this.

Hi Dawn:

I had a really good summer this year in Cambodia. I stayed there for the whole summer. It was a lot of fun after a year away from home. I am thinking to share some pictures I took there with you. I hope they will remind you about good memories in Cambodia. Please follow this link:

I hope you will enjoy looking at them.

I could not get over the incredible photography Sothy did, so I wanted to add it to my blog. What an artistic eye!!!! If you have the time and interest, click the link. Hope you enjoy the window into life there.


  • hmm, yeah. i really like those pictures too...the only thing you don't see is how many pictures turned out black because my timing was off. oops : ) but i was happy with these.

    By Blogger CUgal, at 7:15 PM, September 08, 2006  

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