The Glass Darkly

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Grief of Being Human

I'm in mourning, Lord
For the breaks and divisions I see all around me
For the breaks and divisions I know in my spirit are yet to come.

Why can't we understand one another?
Why can't You give us supernatural understanding?
Why do you allow humans to break apart
Breaks attributed to unreconcilable differences?

I want to believe that divisions are falling.
I want to believe that, for those things that matter, you will intervene.
I want to believe that you will preserve your remnant.

I grieve for your people, Lord.
Where is the love you have asked us to share?
Why do our efforts fall short?

We need your Holy Spirit
We need your peace
We need your eyes and heart
Not only to see what your will is for now
But to accept your will for what is yet to come.


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