The Glass Darkly

Friday, December 15, 2006


Wow, I can't believe how long it has been since I have written. Language and culture has not completely been out of my mind, just, well, I guess I just haven't felt very inspired lately . . . until tonight.

What a wonderful Christmas program at Laurel Street Mennonite Church! I love being in a place with people from different backgrounds, cultures and languages. This year I was able to enjoy the program from the audience with my children. It was fun to hear what caught their interest. My son wondered why there still was no tuba in the orchestra (although Mr. Sauder did show him his basoon afterward . . . about as close as we will get for now :-) And my daughter was intrigued by the skit by the youth group (of course the first thing she noticed was those who were still wearing their school uniforms like hers). The highlight for me was the trio who sang a few Spanish songs. Why is it that I still love listening to music in that language above all the others I have enjoyed over the years? I need to dig out my Spanish music now from college. My children are learning Spanish in school and came home singing Feliz Navidad and reciting the other little Spanish verses they have learned. Though I am frustrated that they cannot do the same in Khmer anymore, I am happy they are appreciating languages more as they enjoy their Spanish classes a couple times a week. What a great school they have!

I am also glad I am not completely cut off from exposure to other cultures. Everytime I get a chance to rub shoulders with people outside of my white, English-speaking, middle class, I feel energized and enriched. Could it be compared to an addiction? Could I ever go back to living out in the middle of nowhere with just fields and trees and the bumblebees? My sentimental side says yes; my realistic side says no. Maybe I would love to live like that again for a short stint, maybe for a retreat. But I realize that my life has been changed. My world is bigger now and to turn my back on that fact and experience causes grief in my life. Tonight was like my morning caffeine fix (can you guess? not coffee!) after a long night of little sleep. How refreshing!!!